Redensity 1 Skin Booster


Teosyal Puresense Redensity I is a unique hyaluronic acid based skin enhancer which prevents premature skin aging, restores skin density and skin glow.

It has the added benefit of three antioxidants, eight amino acids, two minerals and a vitamin which provide the essentials to your skin in an effective skin boost.The hyaluronic acid injections compensate the natural loss of hyaluronic acid and stimulate collagen production to help:

  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Hydrate and improve the skin appearance
  • Enhance skin radiant glow
  • Restore volume, elasticity and collagen
Is it a filler?

Redensity 1 is not a filler. Unlike crosslinked fillers providing volume, this is a non cross-linked hyaluronic acid placed very superficially in the skin designed to prevent premature skin aging, restore skin density and hydration to maintain a skin glow

Common treatment areas:

It can be used on the face, neck, décolletage and hands

When indicated:

This can be a regularly core treatment to prevent aging or in alternation with or a complement to other treatments


How many treatments are required? Best results are achieved from 3 sessions , 3 weeks apart giving immediate and cumulative results.
Procedure: Safe non-invasive treatment where shallow injections are placed evenly across the surface of the whole face.
Procedure time: 30- 45 minutes.
Downtime: The small spots at the injection sites will disappear within the 12 hours.
Results: The skin is hydrated, supple and less creased immediately and enhance further with subsequence sessions. Following the recommended treatment protocol will prolong the effects of the treatment.
Pain/Discomfort: The product contains lidocaine a local anaesthetic so minimal discomfort.
Downtime: No long recovery time and you can carry on with your day-to-day activities after the treatment is done.
Repeat treatments: Maintenance/top up doses as soon as you feel required. A further session within the year, 4-6 months later is recommended.
Benefits: Improves skin roughness in the short-term (effect lasting 3 months). Improves skin quality in terms of hydration, elasticity, texture and radiance. Prevention of skin ageing. Creates an immediate skin glow and hydration effect. Prevention of skin ageing. Long-lasting results