Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement with dermal filler, also known as lip augmentation, involves injecting the filler directly into the lip to provide definition, or volume to the lip, creating a naturally fuller looking lip.

Treatment Areas:

Lip Enhancement with fillers can help:-

Thin lips/Small-looking mouth: Naturally thin lips are often a result of genetics, but lips thinning with age is common. Dermal fillers, add plumpness to the lips, providing a more youthful appearance

Uneven symmetry: If one side of your lips is lacking shape or volume, lip fillers are able to help balance out asymmetry. Definition of lip border: Injecting filler into the vermillion border of the lips and v-shaped area of the top lip, known as the cupid’s bow, enhances the peak of the lips improving the shape and definition of the top lip.

Gummy smile: If you have over exposure of the gums when smiling, known as gummy smile,lip filler injected into the upper or lower lips can add volume to the lips, helping to cover the gums on show.

Dissolving lip filler: Has your filler migrated? Are your lips overfilled or lumpy from previous lip filler treatments? Hyaluronidase is used to dissolve the filler in the lips and creates a blank canvas to reduce you lip size or restart your lip filler treatment.


Procedure time: 30 minutes
Benefits: Well-tolerated procedure. Volumizes and defines the lips, creating a naturally fuller looking lip.
Pain: The lips are a sensitive area of the face, it can be slightly painful, especially on the cupid’s bow and vermillion border. Numbing cream prior to injection is available
Pre-treatment preparation: Avoid alcohol at least 24 hours prior to treatment. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory or blood thinning medications ideally 2 weeks before treatment. Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, St. John’s Wart supplements can also increase the risk of bruising after injections. Treatment is not recommended 14 days either side of Covid-19 vaccine or booster.
Downtime: None, injection marks settle within a few hours. Sports/exercise can continue next day. Avoid any extremes of temperatures for 14 days. After treatment care recommendations to follow

Follow-up: 2 weeks following procedure recommended
Side Effects: Lips are a vascular area, redness, swelling and bruising at injection points can commonly occur and resolves after a few days to 2 weeks. Swelling in lips can be more prominent the next day but settles over a few days.​
Risks (rare): Granulomas, anaphylaxis, disruption to the facial blood supply where the filler needs to be dissolved. ​
Results: Immediate, results which completely settles within 2 weeks. The product hydrates over time which may provide small amount of additional volume enhancement.
Duration of results: Repeat treatment can be done from 3-6 months to maintain ongoing results.